ATMA sets budget, raises water rates


The 2012 budget of Antrim Township Municipal Authority was adopted Dec. 19, with Bob Coladonato, Elwood Myers, Rodney Myers, Bob Schemmerling and Chad Murray approving the numbers as presented by manager Brad Graham.

The budget anticipates revenue of $214,100 and expenses of $208,902. It includes a one percent increase in water fees, most of which will be applied to repayment of a loan for the Cedarbrook Estates water tower. The $5,000 surplus could also be used for that purpose, members said.

ATMA borrowed $195,000 from its Repair and Improvement Fund for the tower and has not made any payments. Coladonato had hoped tap fees would cover them, but the authority had no applications the past  two years. A resolution had stated the money was to be repaid by November 2012.

The water usage rate increase was considered minimal. The base charge would go up 48 cents per quarter to $48.70, and the extra fee per thousand gallons would go up six cents to $7.

Graham shared letters from Boyer and Ritter, the firm conducting the 2011 audit. They reiterated the understanding of arrangements and the fee of $11,554 to analyze the water and sewer accounts. Coladonato stressed that ATMA set aside only $3,000 for the water audit, and the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors needed to understand that, since there was confusion last year. Antrim was responsible for the sewer audit, he said.

Public works director Carl Rundquist announced Atapco could dedicate its sewer line in Antrim Commons Business Park as soon as a smashed  manhole cover was set to final grade, and pipe was relaid where water was ponding in a manhole. He expected the development company to act quickly.

Schemmerling wondered if any capital projects should be considered for the new year. Graham said perhaps a third water source in the township and maybe to extend a water line to the north. Coladonato opposed that.

“No, unless the supervisors pay for it. We don’t have the funds.”