When one road closes, another opens

Come next week, Milnor Road will no longer be a shortcut from Williamsport Pike to U.S. 11. It will be closed permanently, with cul-de-sacs eventually created for the people who live along the road on either side of the intersecting rail line.

Take a look at the Milnor Road train track crossing with fondness. It is one of your last.

Antrim Township announced that the road would close on Oct. 24 as Norfolk Southern moves along on construction of its intermodal facility. Yesterday, Roger Bennett, NS director of industrial development, spoke at a Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce breakfast, and said the date might be fudged a little bit, with the closing on Oct. 26. It will coincide with when Hykes Road reopens. That road closed Aug. 26 so the rail company could do preliminary work on the overpass. The approaches are being built and the bridge itself should be done in the spring of 2012.

Cul-de-sacs will be made on each side of Milnor for local traffic. Bennett did not know when they would be finished, as they have not yet been started.

The terminal will sit on 200 acres in Antrim Township, with the four miles of rail part of the overall Crescent Corridor plan. Initial entry to the site is through Armada Drive, just dedicated to the township. After the project is completed, trucks will access the terminal on Antrim Commons Boulevard by exit 3.

On Sunday, take a last drive on Milnor for old times sake. After this week, the rural road as it has served residents for almost forever will just be a memory.