WHAT'S GOING ON? ... with the grass at Antrim Township lift stations?

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

An Antrim Township resident asked the Echo Pilot last week to check out why the grass around the sewer department lift stations had not been mowed for months. When out-of-state visitors were at his home, they found the unkempt look across the road an eyesore. The resident watched groundhogs and rabbits hide in the overgrowth, which drove his dogs crazy.

When contacted by the paper, Antrim administrator Brad Graham said possibly at that very moment, two employees were out mowing. The job had been handled by two college kids who were temporary summer staff. They tried to get to each site every week or two. When they left the road crew also got busy, so the lift stations were attended to more sporadically. And it rained quite a bit recently, which meant the grass took off.

The board of supervisors hired a part-time employee last Tuesday who would be assigned mowing, among other tasks. He began doing just that in the next couple days.