ATMA wants to meet with supervisors

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Antrim Township Municipality Authority members invited Antrim Township supervisors to its next meeting, set for Oct. 24. At its Sept. 26 session, Bob Coladonato, Bob Schemmerling, Rodney Eberly and Elwood Myers discussed the lease agreement between the two entities, and wanted adjustments made. Chad Murray was absent.

ATMA manager Brad Graham said the four found the current set-up inefficient. ATMA owns the sewer system but only has spending power for the lift stations and forced mains through its Repair and Improvement Fund. It can make recommendations concerning employees or capital purchases, but those responsibilities rest with the supervisors, as well as any other monetary decisions.

ATMA wanted all decision-making to be handled by one body or the other, Graham continued, and while the supervisors were aware of the desire, were not inclined to make a change to the agreement. ATMA wanted to share its opinions in a face-to-face meeting.

Public works director Carl Rundquist informed the board that someone had jumped the fence at the water treatment plant on Sherwood Drive and flipped the main electrical switch, housed outside. It shut off all the power, but an alarm system notified plant operator Roger Nowell immediately and the situation was corrected. Rundquist said a lock was installed to prevent it from happening again.

Graham said ATMA's date with Ronca at Franklin County Court of Common Pleas is still scheduled for Oct. 6. The developer first filed suit in 2002, and wants $500,000 for added excavation costs and fees incurred from the sewer extension to Kauffman. A judge will hear oral arguments.