Bushtown, one-room school demolished

This is all that is left of the one-room Bushtown School.

Two piles of rubble now mark the spot where Bushtown School once stood. The one-room facility closed in 1955 and students transferred to the new South Antrim and Shady Grove elementary schools. Since then the building has been under private ownership. Bushtown sat on U.S. 11 south of the Pensinger Road intersection. The last teacher was Isabelle Pittman, who lived next door and walked to work. About six years ago Antrim Township looked into preserving the building. The owner was willing to donate it if it was moved to another location, and possible sites were the expected new government center or Allison-Antrim Museum. The supervisors took no action and the matter has not been discussed in recent years. Augusta Partners LLC owns the land, and in partnership with Keystone Novelties, is putting a consumer fireworks store and parking lot on 17 acres behind the frontage. The agents received approval for their plans after a conditional use hearing May 24 with the supervisors and Planning Commission. The area had been zoned highway commercial. The store is expected to open in April 2012.

This is how the Bushtown School looked present day.