Rundquist on the job for Antrim


Carl Rundquist began duties as Antrim Township public works director July 18, and met members of the Municipal Authority a week later. The July 25 meeting was shorter than usual, but he presented a few reports and was given some assignments, one of which was to ask Creative Investments if it ever dedicated its water lines in Nottingham Meadows to Antrim Township. ATMA Chair Bob Coladonato had looked into the matter. While the developer had dedicated its sewer lines last November, there was no record the water lines were ever turned over. It was supposed to have been done before Antrim purchased the water treatment plant of Lincoln Utilities in 2003.

Coladonato, Bob Schemmerling, Rodney Eberly, Elwood Myers and Chad Murray appointed Rundquist to act on behalf of ATMA for everyday business.

Rundquist, 46, grew up in northern Pennsylvania. He has an associate's degree in electrical engineering and a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering from Penn State University. Early in his career he worked in operations, and then became a consultant for water and wastewater treatment plants. One project was designing the sewer plant in Montoursville. For 14 years he served as water and sewer superintendent in Chambersburg. He worked for a short time in Columbia until the position in Antrim opened up.

He is responsible for utilities in the township, and will eventually take on the role of roadmaster.

Rundquist is happy to be back in home territory, where he already has a working relationship with many engineers and developers, and the commute is shorter. He lives in Chambersburg with his wife and three children.

"This seems like a nice place to work," he said. "I'm pleased. It appears Antrim is advanced in procedural things, such as subdivision reviews, compared to what I'm familiar with."

In other business Monday night, ATMA solicitor Linus Fenical announced that litigation with Ronca will go into oral arguments Oct. 6 in Franklin County Court. The contractor is seeking over $500,000 for additional excavation costs and other fees associated with an extension of the sewer line to Kauffman. It first filed suit in 2002, and recently revived it. Antrim filed for a partial summary judgment.