Guenon wants to tell Kaley Circus story

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Former Greencastle resident Bill Guenon is searching for first-hand accounts by Fred C. Kaley Circus performers, the Greencastle High School students who performed in the 1940s and 50s. He is compiling a book to be published before Old Home Week 2013.

Guenon asks that people send their memories to him at 41 Whittemore Drive, Ashland MA 01721 or by email at

He may be reached at 508-881-5364 or people may also call Greencastle resident Janice (Warren) Bartles at 717-597-2703.

Guenon’s specific questions are: name, graduation year, circus years, role (performer, band, queen’s court, sales, programs, advertising, etc.), names of other participants, acts, equipment and band directors. Photographs would also be appreciated.

He has contacted some people and wants to reach everyone, and welcomes too much information rather than too little.

“We’d rather have too much than miss something unique, interesting or important,” he said. “It’s a special piece of hometown history that needs to be captured for posterity.”

The planned title for the book is Circus Dazz, High School Gymnasts Twist, Tumble and Turn,  Greencastle’s little-known indoor circus as told by the performers.