ATMA seeks additional bonding from developers

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Antrim Township Municipal Authority members Chad Murray, Bob Schemmerling, Elwood Myers, Rodney Eberly and Bob Coladonato agreed after extensive discussion May 23 that they wanted more protection for assets before a road in any new development was dedicated. Since sewer and water lines were typically dedicated to the township before roads were completed, ATMA sought to protect the integrity of those lines during the remaining construction process.

On two Schemmerling/Murray motions, the board unanimously approved several changes to current practice. Solicitor Linus Fenicle was directed to write a resolution creating a damage and repair bond, separate from the regular maintenance bond, which would require developers to fork over 15 percent of utility costs. The money would be held from the time the utility was dedicated until the time the road became township responsibility. In addition, CAD drawings would be required on the plan, and fees would be collected to cover plan reviews. The board also resolved that the changes would become normal operating procedure for dedications.

Schemmerling said the new policy did not have to go before the Board of Supervisors. "This is one of the few powers we do have," he said of ATMA's advisory capacity.

Surveyor Lee Royer spoke on behalf of Augusta Partners, LLC, developing a site on U.S. 11 South across from Pine Drive and Pensinger Road. He asked permission to hook the eight lots in the cul-de-sac to Antrim's sewer system, with lift station 9 nearby. The area is zoned highway commercial. He first brought the matter to zoning officer Sylvia House, since Antrim is between public works directors.

"I didn't have anyone to ask."

Royer said the company planned to drill wells for a water supply.

"You don't want our water?" asked Coladonato.

"Well, I'd like to have it, but it's too far away," replied Royer.

The board approved the request for sewer service, pending a review of plans by staff and engineers.

House was also named as the person for ATMA members to submit ideas for any revisions to the water and sewer ordinances. Revising them is on hold since the resignation of public works director Tom Davis on April 27.