Antrim officials discuss future of Hykes Road

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Antrim Township supervisors dicussed the fate of Hykes Road at length May 17, ready to improve it when Norfolk Southern builds a bridge over the rail line intersecting the same road. Administrator Brad Graham asked what the goal for Hykes should be, since the more involved the project became, the longer the list of tasks there would be, including surveys, public input, environmental assessments and additional permits. And, if stormwater control was made better than what currently existed, he warned that would shift the township into stormwater management.

James Byers favored "an old-fashioned road inspection. Let’s go out there and look at it and use common sense. I don't think this has to be as complicated as the engineers say."

The board debated the value of various widths, with Sam Miller explaining that 24 to 26 feet would allow clearance for trucks meeting, and handle the collector road traffic, once NS closed Milnor Road near its terminal.

Because the end of Hykes Road west of I-81 was traditionally wet, no one wanted to make matters worse, but also didn't want to become responsible for solving the existing problem on the fairly flat land. The supervisors pondered culverts and future curbing to control the water. They settled on reclaiming and widening the road to 24 feet, which currently ranges from 18 to 20 feet wide. Estimates for road construction and engineering were expected to reach $3 million.