WHAT'S GOING ON?....with that government study about Greencastle


The average age of Greencastle’s 3,990 residents is 43.5 years. That was one bit of information Greencastle Borough Council members discovered when the first-ever American Community Survey figures were released. The estimates were based on data collected from 2005 to 2009.

Other facts about Greencastle’s profile:

* The average size family is 2.81 people.

* Just over 83 percent of people over age 25 graduated from high school.

* The average home is worth $206,800.

* The median household income is $47,669.

* The average individual income is $34,536.

* The average family income is $67,599.

* The average time spent commuting to work is just over 30 minutes.

* Of the total population, nearly 98 percent are white.

The information is separate from Census 2010 and was sent out by the Philadelphia office of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Borough councilman Harry Foley reacted, “This is a glaring example of a total waste of taxpayer money.”