Farmers market to make return to Greencastle

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The Farmers Market is coming back to Greencastle.

Beginning Saturday, June 4 and every Saturday that follows until the growing season ends in October, the Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a Farmers Market at 151 E. Baltimore St., in the parking lot across from Pure & Simple Café.

The market will consist of fresh vegetables, fruits and baked items.

“While we have vendors established for the market, there is an opportunity for some additional vendors,” stated Joel Fridgen, chamber executive director.

Jeremy Layman of Greencastle has volunteered to coordinate the Farmers Market.

“Jeremy has had experience running a farmers market dating back to the Greencastle market that was in place during the mid to late 1990s,” added Fridgen.

“He is a strong advocate of providing local suppliers with an opportunity to sell their produce in Greencastle which is in keeping with our focus of thinking local first when making purchases.”

For more information, email or phone 597-4610.