WHAT'S GOING ON? ... with the trees at the old train station?


About a month ago a couple trees at the old train station came down, on purpose.

The Greencastle-Antrim Organized Youth Foundation, owner of the property, decided it was necessary due to the condition and location of the trees.

“One was rotten and the other was close to Baltimore Street,” said board member Mike Bock. “The state was concerned about where it would fall if it ever toppled.”

The Boy Scouts kept a large chunk to make a timeline to hang in the station. They also took some for firewood, “but there’s only so much you can burn,” said Bock.

The board is determining what to do with the remaining sections.

Scott Sutton, his children and other volunteers have been improving the landscape. They already planted some replacement trees, with more to come. The work is being done thanks to a donation from Johnson Controls.