Newest Antrim Township employee resigns


An Antrim Township department position vacant for nine months in 2010 is again open. Tom Davis, public works director, submitted his resignation April 27, effective immediately. He had been in charge of roads, utilities and parks since Nov. 30.

Antrim administrator Brad Graham said Davis stepped down for health-related concerns. Graham has several options to fill the post. He planned to contact a late applicant from the last go-around. Thirty people had applied during multiple advertisements, one after Davis was hired. If that person is still eligible to work and another screen of his credentials pass muster, he will be offered the job. Otherwise, Graham said he would review the remaining applications, or resort to advertising the position. That would be the slowest method to hire a new staff member.

Antrim has had a checkered history with field leaders since Aug. 21, 2008, when supervisors fired six key personnel, including the roadmaster and the utilities director. Paul Minnich, a road laborer, employed by the township since Oct. 29, 2007, was promoted to roadmaster Sept. 9, 2008. The job title and responsibilities changed over the next couple years. Supervisor Rick Baer took over as interim roadmaster/maintenance superintendent when Minnich quit a year ago February. During the search process the job description was revamped, as well as the required education, certifications or experience. By the time Davis came on board, the title was public works director and included administrative tasks.