ATMA wants to revamp documents

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Antrim Township Municipal Authority plans to review its procedures on water and sewer line dedications. Chairman Bob Coladonato made a request at the April 25 meeting that language in the policy be tightened.

"It seems vague. The wording is not clear exactly how dedication occurs," he said.

He cited the expectation that residential and commercial customers were not issued occupancy permits until the utility lines were turned over to the township, but it was obvious that was not always the case.

Administrator Brad Graham said the next step would be to get the procedure into the township codebook.

Authority members noted that Antrim was maintaining a number of sewer lines that had never been dedicated by the developer. The common practice was to do so at the same time a road was turned over, but with the slowdown in construction, the roads weren't ready to be released.

Coladonato and members Bob Schemmerling, Elwood Myers, Chad Murray and Rodney Eberly also approved a new form that all residents requesting a waiver from sewer services would submit. It would spell out the reason sewer service was no longer needed, either temporarily or permanently.

Coladonato also wanted an updated sewer service map, as the one in use was probably six years old or more. "I've been asking for it for two years. We're forced to wait, to ask the supervisors to do it," he said.

Give them away

As discussed in previous sessions, the authority was of the consensus that there was no valid reason to maintain ownership of the sewer and water plants. Serving in only an advisory capacity, the five agreed ATMA had no employees, no ability to levy taxes, no true input on the budget, and slowed matters down by only meeting monthly. They said it would be more efficient if the Board of Supervisors ran all operations, which would mean taking over the repairs and improvements ATMA handled.

Graham said some of the supervisors were leery of taking on the responsibility, so if ATMA had more power in making decisions, would it keep the lease agreement currently in place? He added that Antrim would have to be willing to give up that power.

Schemmerling was open but said it could be more expensive for the taxpayers, and the supervisors could get advice from engineers rather than ATMA. Coladonato planned that ATMA would vote on a recommendation at the May 23 meeting, one week early due to Memorial Day.

In other business Graham, reporting in for public works director Tom Davis, said a meeting was scheduled with Waste Management to address discharge coming from the landfill. The clarity of the water was not up to DEP standards, which increased the cost to Antrim to treat it. Antrim approved the purchase of a new UV light for the wastewater treatment plant April 12. Graham said the township was also making sure its own equipment was operating properly and that the problem with the landfill leachates had been going on for 10 years.

ATMA approved a subdivision and land development plan for Lot 9 in Antrim Commons Business Park. It assigned 25 EDUs for a spec warehouse, aware that Atapco did not have a client yet.