Greencastle saves money on projects


The cost for improvements to Madison Street dropped over $17,000 as a result

of change orders approved by Greencastle Borough Council Monday night. The

storm drainage project was awarded to Fayetteville Contractors in December

for $223,484.

Borough manager Kenneth Womack presented the requests by Fayetteville. The

company asked to use compacted asphalt milling spoils for temporary trench

restoration, rather than asphalt paving. That meant a $19,468 savings. The

other change was for a modified inlet to take care of drainage and debris at

444 E. Madison St., due to known problems from an unopened alley, for an

extra $2,200. The company also sought to extend the completion date from May

17 to June 1 due to weather conditions.

Council also heard from Mark Pickering, senior project manager from Gannett

Fleming, on the sanitary sewer rehabilitation. Two bids had been submitted,

well under the engineering estimate of $148,680. The low bid came from Mr.

Rehab, Inc. in Mechanicsburg at $72,460. The higher bid was $96,239 for

relining the pipes.

"The bids are at an unprecedented low," commented Pickering. "Contractors

are hungry."

Council members Duane Kinzer, Paul Schemel, Harry Foley, Charlies Eckstine,

Jim Farley, Craig Myers and Matt Smith unanimously approved a notice of

intent to award.

Other business

Council agreed to participate in an agreement with Franklin County and the

county Emergency Services Alliance to receive $3,800 in grant funding for

two Motorola portable radios for emergency service and other uses in the

borough. Womack intended for Myers to carry one as Greencastle's Emergency

Services Coordinator, and to keep the other at borough hall. The 2010

Community Oriented Policing Services Grant covered the bulk of the cost.

"I thought it was a target opportunity to get two radios for one-third what

we would have otherwise spent," Womack said. The outlay was $1,380 for the

$5,200 radios.

The Write Group was hired for eight hours at $25 per hour to research grant

opportunities for Greencastle Downtown, Inc. President Ginny Lays wrote in

her proposal that if she found grant sources, she would then provide a cost

to apply for them.

The board rescinded handicap parking spaces for 128, 217 and 249 S.

Washington St.; 162  and 256 E. Madison St.; and 232 S. Carlisle St., since

five of the beneficiaries no longer lived at those addresses, and the last

had another parking space.

Greencastle Sesquicentennial Committee chairman Joel Fridgen also announced

final plans for the weekend Skirmish on the Square. He alerted the panel

that a blank cannon fire would occur around 8:30 a.m. Saturday to start the

5 Mile Challenge Run at Martin's Mill Bridge, so if the sound reached

Greencastle, not to worry.