WHAT'S GOING ON? ... with that smell


A mysterious odor wafted into Greencastle March 15, and just as strangely dissipated a few hours later. In the interim, folks suffered through the smell.

Borough manager Kenneth Womack caught a whiff when he arrived for work at 8 a.m. As he left exit 5, it hit him.

“It was sort of sewer, sort of not,” he said.

Citizens began calling the borough office. Womack sent out crews to check pumping stations. Antrim Township did the same. Nothing was awry. Columbia Gas also found no abnormalities. The strong scent also reached the schools, and one employee thought it came from a farm.

Rumors flew about the source of the smell but nothing was confirmed. Allegedly, personnel in the nearby medical center became nauseous. Alecha Bingaman, manager of Exxon at East Baltimore Street and I-81, kept working through the unexpected air quality conditions.

“First it seemed like cow manure. And it was kind of like sulphur. It just got stronger,” she remembered. “It got inside the building. It was horrible.”

Now the odor is gone. What could it have been?