Zoning board says yes and no


The Greencastle Zoning Hearing Board granted one special exception request

by the school district March 3, but denied another.

Representatives from architectural firm EI Associates, athletic director

Vicki Ritchey and director of facilities Don Miley attended the hearing to

ask the board to expand a nonconforming use on athletic fields at the high

school. They requested the height of current lighting on Kaley Field be

raised from 70 to 80 feet, and that new light poles be installed on the

multipurpose field to the north within eight feet of the lot line.

Zoning board members Greg Overcash, Michele Emmett and Gerald Pool agreed to

the higher poles, which would actually result in less light falling on

adjacent residential backyards. However, they said no to the new poles. They

believed the additional illumination would adversely affect the

neighborhood, throwing too much light, said borough manager Kenneth Womack.

No citizens were present to support or oppose the request, although Ed Wine

did ask questions.