Remember this? It¹s OK to forget, as traffic is once again flowing, with vehicles yielding to whoever gets to the one-way underpass first.

 This sign is now only a memory. The Madison Street underpass is again open

for shortcut traffic, though it took a little longer than expected for the

drainage improvement project on the east side to be completed.

In December Greencastle authorized Fayetteville Contractors to install a

basin. The company closed the underpass Feb.17 and planned to open it March

2. Borough engineer Keith Moore said the delay was due to backorders on

parts. The final task was to put grates on the inlets. The underpass was

open Friday afternoon.

Local motorists learned to avoid Madison Street if possible in recent

months. Columbia Gas began laying new gas lines in November. Greencastle is

now creating a new stormwater management system and will also replace water


But that¹s not all. The street will get a basecoat this fall and final

paving in 2012. None of the work is expected to close the underpass again.

But if it does, it will be for a very short time, Moore promised.