Police department to add one more


Police chief John Phillippy was authorized to hire a part-time police

officer by Greencastle Borough Council Monday night. He recommended Jim

Bradley, a part-time officer in Chambersburg. It would take a month before

he actually reported for duty.

Phillippy said the new member of the force would work within the hours

allotted to the department¹s budget for the year. Borough manager Kenneth

Womack also cautioned that the new job was no presumption of fulltime


Harry Foley also asked about canine Rony¹s duties of late, specifically

whether he had been brought into the middle and high schools to walk the

halls. Phillippy said he would be glad to use the dog for his sniffing

abilities, but ³the only problem is we sort of need an invitation for that.²

In other business March 7, Marissa Burt from the Beautification Committee

showed council the snowflake decorations her group hoped to purchase for

next winter. They would replace the eight lanterns and scrolls currently in

the Center Square.

She explained that the LED lights were warranted for three seasons, and the

frames for six seasons. On sale for $209 each, she asked for authorization

to order them. The members present, Duane Kinzer, Charles Eckstine, James

Farley, Matthew Smith and Foley, gave her the go-ahead.

Council also set the next Bulk Drop Off Days for May 6 and 7.