ATMA reorganizes for new year


The Antrim Township Municipal Authority reorganization Jan. 31 left each member with the same duties: Bob Coladonato as chairman, Rodney Eberly vice chairman, Elwood Myers secretary, Bob Schemmerling treasurer and Chad Murray assistant secretary/treasurer. Linus Fenicle was retained as solicitor, and Antrim administrator Brad Graham and public works director Tom Davis were authorized to act on ATMA's behalf on a day to day basis.

As per previous conversations, the board decided to use more than one engineering firm for projects, and appointed Brinjac, Dewberry Goodkind, and Martin and Martin for 2011. They would figure out later which company should be represented at a particular meeting.

Eberly was concerned all three would want someone present each session.

"We'll work that out," said Coladonato.

Greg McLanahan from Public Financial Management, and Scott Mehok from Eckert Seamans reviewed the same numbers they presented to the supervisors on the refinancing of the 2005 and 2006 series bonds. Coladonato found the loan offer from Bank of America a good deal. "Now we have to interface with the township and how this should all be organized."

Mehok agreed to write a new lease agreement by March 3. Currently ATMA owns the sewer plant and Antrim leases it. The agreement needed to be changed to meet the funding requirements, he said.

Davis said Antrim's code on billing waiver requests needed to be clarified, based on how requests were handled.

"The applications are variable but the code is straightforward," he said.

Coladonato and Murray agreed to meet with him to look at the language.

The board granted three waivers. A property at 683 Hykes Road, recently purchased, had a water leak. The new owner asked for a 10 percent reduction in the bill and a payment plan for the large fee. A home at 485 East Ave. had been vacant since an August fire and the owner asked for suspension of sewer service. A property at 2388 Buchanan Trail W. had been vacant for 12 years and the new owner also wanted a sewer waiver.