NBC Nightly News filming in Greencastle today

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

NBC Nightly News is in Greencastle today to film a Greencastle soldier on leave speaking to middle school students. Emily Seidel, assistant Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconaissance manager for an Iowa National Guard unit, is home from Aghanistan. She has been corresponding with one classroom about her experiences, and decided to teach all of the seventh graders with a real life social studies lesson.

The Army Public Affairs office found out about the plan from Seidel's commander, and alerted the national news outlet. Stephanie Himango, a producer of NBC network news from the Chicago Bureau, will bring a Nightly News crew to town to film Seidel's activities and interview her personally.

Principal Mark Herman established logistics for the day, which includes parking and meal arrangements for the media, conference rooms for private interviews, and minor alterations to the regular school day so as not to interfere with the visitors.

"It's been a crazy 72 hours," Herman said Saturday morning. "Emily coming has always been a deal. Since Wednesday this all started."

The seventh grade students of Rich Richardson and Tanya Forrester were informed at the end of the week of the special event.

"It's a huge deal for us," Herman continued. "It's so cool. The kids are beside themselves."

An area television station and newspapers will be covering the activity as well.