Greencastle residents charged in drug sweep

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Four Greencastle area residents were among those arrested during a sweep by the Franklin County Drug Task Force last week. 

Sixteen people were rounded up Thursday after Franklin County authorities fanned out to serve 35 arrest warrants for suspects charged following a yearlong investigation by the county drug task force, Pennsylvania State Police and various local authorities including Greencastle Borough Police. The undercover operation utilized $5,800 for members of the state police and the task force over the last year to purchase various amounts of controlled substances throughout Franklin County. Authorities said that the purchases included cocaine, marijuana, heroin, percocet, saboxin and ecstacy.

The charged who had Greencastle addresses were:

Tyson Scott Brown, 19, 13825 Grant Shook Road, is charged with delivery of a controlled substance for allegedly selling about 13 grams of marijuana to an informant in July for $85. Further efforts by police to speak with him were unsuccessful. He was placed in the Franklin County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Michael Alan Conant, 18, 352 W. Baltimore St., is accused of allegedly selling cocaine to an undercover officer on two occasions, Oct. 21 and Nov. 17. Conant was taken into custody during the second meeting after allegedly selling six grams for $400. He was arrested Thursday and placed in the Franklin County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Angel Kline, 26, 30 W. Baltimore St., was charged with allegedly selling 200 of what police described as saboxin pills to an informant and an undercover officer for $200 in October. She was released on $25,000 bail.

Shane Douglas Vulgamott, 23, 3357 Barr Road, is charged with three counts of delivering a controlled substance for allegedly selling marijuana to undercover Washington Township Police on several occasions. In addition he is accused of selling $125 worth of cocaine and $90 worth of marijuana to state police in February and March. He was placed in the county lockup with bail set at $75,000.

Authorities said the investigation targeted street-level activities. Locations for the sales included gas stations, convenience stores and other small businesses. Locations and times were arranged by cell phones in many cases.

The investigation also included a suspect who sold packets of heroin sewn inside clothing with instructions for the informant to take the drugs to the Franklin County Jail. Another arrest was made for prostitution at Friendly Evergreen Spa1404 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg.

Arraignments were held by several magisterial district judges Thursday, including Duane Cunningham, Kelly Rock, Todd William, Larry Pentz and Gary Carter.