Seven G-A middle school students disciplined


Seven eighth-grade boys were placed in an alternative education program within Greencastle-Antrim Middle School based on the recommendation of the school board’s Pupil Personnel Committee. The board acted on the matter at its Jan. 13 meeting.

Principal Mark Herman said the students were involved in three situations over three days in early December.

Two were 14 years old. One possessed, and both consumed a purported alcoholic beverage. The other students were 13. One drank a beverage believed to be alcohol and possessed a look-a-like drug. Another consumed the same beverage. The next brought a drug look-a-like substance to school. One possessed tobacco products and consumed a beverage believed to be alcohol. The last boy possessed tobacco and a look-a-like drug and drank the same beverage.

Most of the incidents took place in the cafeteria, and also in the hallway by a locker. Herman said the drug-type substance was concealed in the barrels of pens, and the beverage in Gatorade bottles.

The boys were also directed to attend the Franklin County Drug and Alcohol Reality Tour, participate in the school’s Truth About Drugs program, work with the school’s Student Assistance Team, and were given referrals for counseling. They are not allowed to participate in social activities on campus.

Herman said the disciplinary measures were for the rest of the school year, but administration would review the academics and behavior after each marking period, with the possibility a student could return to the normal classroom.

“I hope this was a great learning experience for these students and others aware of what was going on,” Herman said. “They made some huge mistakes.”

Other students were also disciplined to lesser degrees, because of their level of involvement in the violations, he said.