Antrim organizes for 2011


Antrim Township supervisors held the line on pay rates for solicitors and engineers working with the township, but granted an increase to the sewage enforcement officer at the organizational meeting Jan. 3.

The first order of business at the Monday night session was to elect leadership. Sam Miller was seated as chairman for 2011, and James Byers as vice chairman. Joyce A. Nowell remained treasurer and Mary Klein assistant treasurer and secretary.

The appointed legal advisors were John Lisko, township supervisors; Deb Hoff, Planning Commission; Eileen Finucane, Zoning Hearing Board, all at $110 per hour; and Linus Fenicle, Antrim Township Municipal Authority, $140 per hour. Only Finucane had requested a raise, which was denied.

Rates for engineering firms remained steady, with Martin and Martin at 2009 rates and Dewberry-Goodkind at 2006 rates, though both asked for more. Brinjac was content at 2009 rates and Frederick Seibert and Associates at 2006 rates.

Fred Young III, seconded by Rick Baer, moved to cease using Brinjac for any new projects. Young had made the same motion in 2010 and it failed to pass. Administrator Brad Graham said Brinjac had performed better the past year and been more responsive to issues. ATMA had recommended the township have three engineers available, to pick the best for each project. The supervisors, including Curtis Myers, Miller and Byers, were united to exclude Brinjac from consideration.

SEO Jonathan Piper submitted a list of services and his expected increases, stating they were not negotiable. Graham explained that it was due to reduced state reimbursement, and Piper was trying to cover his costs. When queried, Graham said he had not compared the new rates to what other agents would charge.

Committee appointments

Lester Mussleman was reappointed to the Planning Commission early in the evening, so he could attend that board's regularly scheduled monthly meeting down the hall. The other designations were: Thomas Shook, chairman of the Vacancy Board; Rodney Eberly, ATMA; Warren Eichelberger and Gary Eberly, Zoning Hearing Board; Nate Bacon, Mark Goldbach and Mike Still, Park Committee, plus Cheryl Shields as non-voting member. Still had submitted a letter of interest to two other boards, which had been filled. Seated in the audience, he said he would serve where needed. One other member of the public had also expressed interest in the park comittee.

Graham revived an issue he had broached before. He wanted a Finance Committee to assist with the legwork on matters such as refinancing bonds, changing banks and so on. Myers and Young agreed to serve.

The board met in executive session for half an hour to discuss personnel, salaries and raises. Though the 2011 budget contains figures for three percent raises for employees, Graham was directed to conduct evaluations, with the help of department heads, by the Jan. 11 meeting. Wages would be considered then.

Uncertain as to the requirement of appointing a roadmaster, according to the Second Class Township Code, supervisors named Tom Davis to the spot.