Ram on the lam crashes Antrim Township entrance

The front entrance of the Antrim Township municipal building was damaged Saturday morning. A male sheep tried to get in to meet its reflection.

A wayward sheep met an untimely end Saturday morning. The farm animal, destined to be sold at the Greencastle Livestock Auction anyway, ran when it was dropped off at the sale facility earlier in the week, and enjoyed several days on the loose. It appeared at the Antrim Township municipal building, just up the hill at 10655 Antrim Church Road, at approximately 8:05 a.m. Dec. 4 and apparently became confused by its reflection in the main entrance door and windows.

A couple stopping by the closed building to drop off a utility bill payment at the off-hours slot saw the ram literally ramming the glass panels. They called Pennsylvania State Police.

Ami Myers, clocking in to clean the building, saw the excitement and called administrator Brad Graham. By the time he arrived the officer had chased the male malevolent to a dirt pile south of the building but was unable to corral it. A call to the Auction had given him the authority to euthanize the sheep, since the owner doubted it could be safely caught.

Graham was aware one shot had already been fired. He and Myers heard the second shot and ventured out to view the carcass. The Auction owner came up to claim it.

Damage to the entrance was substantial. The ram broke through both sheets of the double-paned door, and the outer layer of the two windows. Concentric circles identified the points where the animal thought it would meet its twin. Graham spent the morning clearing the shattered glass, inside and outside of the public entry. He put up temporary barriers of cardboard and wood, and expected it to take til mid-week to get the replacement glass.

As unappealing as the sheep's demise was for the two Antrim employees, Graham said he had seen plenty of odd circumstances during his facilities management career.

"This is nothing," he commented. "This is a perfect example of living in rural America."