GAFCWA waits for agreements


A plan to continue extending a water main to Heritage Estates West along Buchanan Trail West hit a snag Monday night. The Greencastle Area Franklin County Water Authority intended to authorize its engineering firm to begin the design process Dec. 1, the date developer Tom Mongold had agreed to pay $100,000 toward the project. Another $223,000 would come in the spring, and the balance of the $841,000 as lots were sold in HEW.

Authority manager Ken Womack said Mongold had not signed an agreement that specified the bulk amount would be divided between 78 lots on the latest plan, not the 129 lots on an earlier plan.

"I'm not enthusiastic about accepting his $100,000 on Dec. 1 when he hasn't signed the second agreement," said solicitor Jan Sulcove. "That's opening ourselves up to accepting his terms."

He urged the board to defer the engineering and prep work until Mongold and GAFCWA were like-minded on the payment schedule.

Engineer Rachel Govelovich reported that work on Well No. 4 was progressing nicely, on track to be finished in February. An access gate will be put across the entrance on Leitersburg Road, and the well itself will be protected with a fence. Once active, the well would join the entire water system, operated in a cycle to ensure its readiness when needed.

Womack, in response to a query from the press, said a mediation session with Antrim Township Municipal Authority concerning the purchase of its water system had been constructive. Franklin County Area Development Corporation president Mike Ross had presided over a meeting Nov. 2 at borough hall. Present were his associate David Mackley, GAFCWA's Gregory Rock and Robert Miller, ATMA's Rodney Eberly and Bob Coladonato, Antrim manager Brad Graham and Womack.

"It was a lively exchange," said Miller.

Womack said the meeting helped everyone gain clarity on what the wording in the purchase offer meant. Though they all had a better understanding of the points in the document, there were still elements the two sides did not agree on.