Franklin County looks much like the nation in mid-term polling

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Echo Pilot
Efren Creamer, voting for the first time, gets ballot submission instructions from election official Mary Ann Murtha. Meghan Huston, to the rear, was finished and Mary Bock was ready to enter the voting booth. Greencastle Ward 1 poll workers at Grace United Church of Christ were surprised with the heavy turnout during the midterm election Nov. 2. Over 300 people had voted by noon.

Franklin County voters sang much the same tune as the nation Tuesday during the mid-term election.

In the election of a new United State Senator and Pennsylvania Governor, Franklin County went even heavier for the Republican candidates than the rest of the state.

Tom Corbett was elected governor 2,137,690 to 1,782,940 over Democrat Dan Onorato. Franklin County’s tally was 33,458 to 10,260.

The Senate race went 1,994,737 for Pat Toomey to 1,915,577 for Democrat Joe Sestak. Franklin County favored Toomey 32,260 to 11,450.

Republican Bill Shuster won nearly three to one in the Ninth Congressional District over Democrat Tom Conners. Franklin County went 32,695 to 10,751 for the incumbent.

State Rep. Todd Rock of the 90th district was unopposed. He received 18,336 votes. Election results showed that not only did Republicans take the governor office, but statewide Republicans also took majority control of the House of Representatives. The party continued to hold the Senate.

A majority of Franklin County’s 86,124 registered voters went to the polls Tuesday with more than 51 percent or 43,993 voters casting ballots.