Antrim passes Atapco agreements


With just three members present, the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors on Oct. 12 enacted an ordinance, passed several agreements and signed a letter regarding business with Atapco, the developer of Antrim Commons Business Park.

Sam Miller, temporary chair, led the meeting, with James Byers and Fred Young III in attendance. Curtis Myers and Rick Baer were absent.

Patrick Coggins, Atapco vice president of development, had earlier in the day asked that the agenda items concerning his company be tabled. He was aware a partial board would be at the meeting.

"I'm baffled, to tell you the truth," Antrim administrator Brad Graham said of the request. Miller was willing to wait until the next meeting, but solicitor John Lisko said the supervisors had to vote on the ordinance because it had been advertised.

Byers said he didn't agree with the action taken at the previous meeting, which he missed, but since a majority of the board had approved a traffic light agreement with Atapco, he would honor those wishes.

On Sept. 14, Baer, Miller and Byers outnumbered Young and Myers on requiring Atapco to reimburse Antrim indefinitely on maintenance expenses for a traffic light it would install near Comfort Inn. Coggins had preferred to pay the township a one-time fee of $100,000. On Sept. 28 Baer put the matter back on the agenda, and he, Young and Myers voted to allow the payment. Miller voted no.

With little discussion, the document was approved 3-0.

Graham noted all requirements had been met by the development corporation for the Assumption Agreement, Traffic Light Agreement, and Connector Road Agreement. Atapco's $3 million federal grant money for the exit would be funneled from PennDOT through Antrim as the local oversight agency. Atapco Properties, Inc. would be responsible for any and all obligations incurred by the township. It would pay $100,000 upfront toward maintenance expenses for each traffic light it installed on U.S. 11 as a result of its commercial development. A $2 million letter of credit had been submitted to the township, as well as $50,000 in escrow.

Antrim asked that Atapco take into consideration aligning the exit 3 off ramp with the connector road that some day would be built to meet the highway at Comfort Inn.

The board also approved signing a letter of intent with PennDOT, indicating Antim was moving forward on improving exit 3.

Greencastle businessman and borough council member H. Duane Kinzer thanked the three. He said developers watched the newspapers closely for reports on township actions. He considered the ordinance a step forward for economic development.

Issues revisited

Zoning officer Sylvia House wanted a response for the attorney for Green Spring Valley, a housing development off Craig Road. Daniel Frey had submitted a letter asking for the board's interpretation of its ordinance requiring subdivisions within 500 feet of a public water line to connect. For various reasons, he thought Green Spring should be allowed a waiver to construct its own system. Action had been tabled from the meeting two weeks ago, and Young wanted to wait until a full board was present again. He didn't know the opinions of the two absent members.

After some debate, House agreed to find out where the exact connection points would be from the development to existing water lines. She said past policy had interpreted the 500 feet to mean "as the crow flies."

On a request from Brenda McQuait and two other residents on Allison Street just past the borough line, the board reversed its decision to cut and patch repairs to parts of the road. On Sept. 28 the board agreed 4-0 to have township personnel fix the road, rather than take the low bid of $4,486 from Ganoe Paving. The supervisors said other residents had paid privately to repair sections in front of their homes for parking and they didn't want to set a precedent.

McQuait doubted the patching would be adequate, citing excessive crumbling and potholes on the sides. Ganoe's bid was approved.

Other business

The Shared Use Trail was targeted for improvements with funds left from a grant. A section will receive an overlay of paving, and screening trees. Stormwater improvements will be made near Conococheague Lane. The projects will be put out to bid with the work ordered for spring.

The supervisors received notice that health insurance rates for 2011 were going up 11 percent. The unemployment compensation rate would remain at 9.5 percent, however, there was a surcharge of $5,027 based on claims.  Antrim's claims for the three years 2007-2009 were 851 percent over contributions, and the cutoff was 300 percent for that specific surcharge. The contributions had been $5,904 but the payout was $50,269.

Robert Johnson asked that a stoplight or crosswalks be installed in State Line from the bank to the post office, and sidewalks added to eliminate people walking on U.S. 11. The board agreed that crossing the road would be dangerous with or without those features. It planned to send a letter to PennDOT with the concerns.

Discussions on the zoning map and sewer service area map were postponed until all five members were at a meeting.

The board met in executive session to discuss personnel.