UPDATE WITH MORE PHOTOS: Truck rips down signal lights at 11/16

A California-based transport truck hauling a reusable shipping container didn’t clear the hanging electrical wires at the U.S. 11/Route 16 intersection at approximately 3:20 p.m. Tuesday. Greencastle fire police directed traffic around the center hanging traffic light. The pole at the Hardees corner was on the ground.

The load on a Peterbilt tractor-trailer didn’t clear the traffic light wires at the U.S. 11/Route 16 intersection Tuesday afternoon, resulting in a downed pole and broken lights, and motorists directed by Greencastle fire police. The detour persisted into the evening hours.

Emergency personnel were notified at approximately 3:20 p.m. Oct. 19 that the northbound truck had snagged the wires.

The truck, with California license plates, carried a reusable shipping container that stood taller than the cab. The truck was escorted by vehicles in front and behind it announcing ‘oversized load’.

UPDATE: Greencastle Police reported that the driver of the rig was Lonnell Thomas, 53, of San Jose, Calif., who drove north on U.S. 11 through the intersection and because of the height of the load on the trailer made contact with the traffic signal wires. Police said a metal pole on the southwest corner of the intersection was bent and pulled down to the road along with the signal lights. The downed pole also meant that signals on the north side of Route 16 were also pulled to the road.

Raymond Moats and his daughter Elizabeth, 12, witnessed the accident.

“We were standing by the house next to the Sheetz parking lot and we saw the whole thing,” said Moats. “I heard a ka-boom and saw the pole come down.”

“The light broke,” said Elizabeth.

“The top load struck the wire,” continued Moats. “It scared her.”

Greencastle police were interviewing the driver and escort personnel, as well as witnesses. The smaller trucks were emblazoned with the logo