United Way campaign underway to raise $720K

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

United Way has kicked off its annual community campaign to raise funds for non-profit programs and services throughout Franklin County. The funding drive will continue through Feb. 15, 2011 as area individuals and businesses work together toward the goal of raising $720,000 for the community.

United Way enlists the help of volunteers all over Franklin County working to support over 35 programs for our community. Non-profits that are part of United Way work to provide services to help create success for students all over our county, improve financial stability of area residents, and increase access to healthcare.

Programs like Franklin County Head Start, UCP’s Early Learning program and Boys and Girls Club help to create a learning environment so that children are motivated to do well in school and learn the skills that are needed to be successful students. Meanwhile Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and programs of the YMCA’s work with area youth and families to teach lifelong hobbies and skills, as well as to develop teamwork and leadership ability.

Franklin County Homeless Shelter, Waynesboro Area Human Services, Franklin County Legal Services and other are working to help families overcome financial distress, and to guide them toward long range planning. Franklin County Literacy Council helps by working with adults to build reading skills that are needed to find employment and to navigate community living. American Red Cross is supported for their work with disaster recovery, as well as for community education and military outreach services.

Medic 2, Lutheran Home Care and Hospice and Waynesboro Community Service and Keystone Health work, along with other supported non-profits to ensure that people in the community have access to medical services they need.

The past two years have been challenging for the community, and non-profits have felt the tightening of funding, as well as the need for increased services to residents. When the economy gets tighter, non-profits are called upon to provide more services, even when funding is down. Often resources and staffing are stretched so that programs can continue to be delivered. United Way works to provide funding that can be utilized to provide staffing, equipment, or supplies, as needed, to strengthen services.

United Way funded programs adhere to financial standards that help ensure that organizational practices are sound, the proper governance is in place, and that high quality of programming is delivered. Each year, funding levels are evaluated by a committee of people from all over Franklin County communities to determine how funds will be distributed to best work toward meeting the needs of the community. United Way of Franklin County is a local organization and funding is raised to support services within the county.

United Way also works to share resources throughout community programs, such as volunteers, donated items, and learning resources. United Way also works to enhance communications between organizations and to aide with collaboration of services.

For more information about United Way of Franklin County or to get involved with the annual campaign, call 717-262-0015 or visit