Township boards meet jointly on proposed maps


Three bodies in Antrim Township met Monday to consider issues affecting each of their interests. The Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, and Municipal Authority reviewed proposed zoning and sewer service area maps.

The members present were supervisors Curt Myers, Rick Baer, James Byers, Sam Miller and Fred Young III; planners Delbert Myers, Joel Wenger, Lester Musselman and Richard Walck; and authority members Bob Coladonato, Chad Murray, Elwood Myers and Rodney Eberly.

The proposed zoning map captured their interest immediately. Zoning officer Sylvia House said she had already received personal feedback from supervisors on the map, released in March, but wanted more direction. She stated it was important to get decisions because the map affected other projects.

“It’s the end of the year and we haven’t even moved forward on the Comprehensive Plan. There’s a lot to go into that yet,” she said.

The 2010 map had six zones, reduced from 13 in the 2007 map. Miller suggested everyone review the two, with the former encompassing a sewer service map approved by himself, Curtis Myers and Byers at the time. The plans had already been presented to the public and he didn’t want to waste time rehashing parameters.

ATMA had earlier this year approved a different sewer service area map based on topography, which Miller did not support.

Township administrator Brad Graham said Act 537 was started in 2005, to be completed in conjunction with the Comprehensive Plan. ATMA had not used the 2010 zoning map when it made its recommendations.

House said the zoning map was created taking infrastructure into account, and resulted in agriculture, low density residential, medium density residential, highway commercial, community commercial and industrial. The use of each zone would be defined after the ordinance was crafted.

At the end of the two hour meeting, the supervisors changed the proposed zoning map to make the area west of Greenmount Road industrial and the area east highway commercial.

No action was taken on the sewer service area map.