Emergency response exercise scheduled

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The Franklin County Department of Emergency Services, in association with other emergency response organizations, will conduct an evacuation and sheltering exercise Sept. 18.  The exercise will commence with the notification and deployment of members of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and will include the evacuation and relocation of community members to an evacuation shelter.  The American Red Cross will assume the lead role in the set up and maintenance of the evacuation shelter and participants will be housed overnight.  The exercise will conclude the morning of Sept. 19, when participants will be released to return to their homes.

The exercise is part of the statewide, Wide Vigilance III exercise, which is designed to test the ability of Pennsylvania to respond to a wide spread emergency caused by a hurricane. Franklin County has identified notification and mass sheltering as an area which needs to be evaluated for effectiveness and the exercise will assist with assuring the ability of the county to respond. The exercise will activate CERT members who will coordinate evacuation and transportation of participants to the evacuation site. Faust Junior High School on Scotland Avenue will be activated as the shelter, with Red Cross members staffing the shelter.