Senior classes relishes party, academic achievement

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
Members of the Greencastle-Antrim High School senior class were recognized during halftime of Friday's football game. The students set a new standard for their scores on state tests.

The day started out calm, quickly interrupted by the cheering of nearly 240 seniors leaving school well before the normal time. The early dismissal wasn't for sports, or even the off emergency, but instead, academics. The senior class, to make it short, had scored the highest scores in PSSA history in Greencastle last year, and were awarded with leaving early, and a tailgate party before the football game.

So, my group and I casually walked out, and we all agreed on going to Pizza Hut. While eating and celebrating, we talked about what exactly we were going to do with our free time. My friends and I had finally decided, we were going to paint our faces for the game. So, with a brief stop at the Walmart we headed to a friends house. There I was attacked by a dinosaur, or a little kid with a water gun (a.k.a, little brother of my friend), while I tried to put on face paint. Overall it went well, I had decided to go with the diagonal stripes from my nose and blue and gold goatee, and soon we were heading to the tailgate party.

The smell of barbecue was amazing, our mouths were watering on our way up to the party-specific gate. Inside we had many Mountain Dews and ate very much barbecue sandwiches. I myself did not have much, still having Pizza Hut to deal with, but the smell alone was enough for me to know how good the food was.

Our party was also intermingled with teachers giving us high fives and pats on the back with the proud “good job,” and overall the attitude at the party was very positive. After the party, we quickly got ourselves some very good seats, right next to our school band playing on the ground. The game didn't start until 7:30, with the tailgate party ending at 6:30, so we burned time by making our face paint even better, and also painting anyone's face who wanted it too.

The first half was very exciting, with the Blue Devils making 80-yard runs, and the Chambersburg Trojans barely inching their way to the 20 yard line. Although the Blue Devils had a very exciting game, it was still close with Chambersburg in the lead by a field goal. The constant battle between the two lasted throughout the second quarter, ending with the teams tied.

Then the half time show went well. The Chambersburg band played two songs and normally the halftime would be over, but not today. Most of the senior class, the brave ones, were all getting ready. The announcer called out the senior class, and we went sprinting onto the field through a banner, I myself carrying someone. Once out we got to the 50 yard line the celebration began. With cheering and hollering when the announcer said our scores  — 74.2 percent  and 65 percent, a new Greencastle-Antrim record.