Shady Grove two-room school alumni remember those days

Wednesday afternoon of OHW, Alumni gathered at the Evangelical Lutheran Church to share memories of school days in the two-room Shady Grove Schoolhouse. Left to right : Richard Shew, Jane Valentine, John Wingert, Robert Stenger, moderator Ted Alexander.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010, at Evangelical Lutheran Church:

Resources: “We made money selling magazines in order to get a set of encyclopedias…there were no encyclopedias at the school…We were so desperate for reading materials we would go and read readers from other grades-until the library started the bookmobile….We had a music teacher come once a week; I remember we learned to sing 'Little Duckie Duddle.' She had sticks, castanets…we had a rhythm band. I don't know how musical it was but it got our attention…we participated with great delight.”

Standards: “Recess was at 10:30 and 2:30, with the school day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We had an hour for lunch…some of us went home...Boys wore bib overalls, girls wore skirts…the scariest thing was when the County Superintendent came and spoke-he brought the achievement tests…If we got punished at school we often got it again at home….Notes from the teacher [about wrongdoing] never got home.”

Hygiene: “The teacher would ask if we had brushed our teeth. If not she would put our name up on the blackboard….In the mid 1940's there was a traveling school nurse. She put a basin in the corner of the school room and a cake of soap…The first school lunch program was Miss Ethel Diehl-she was always warming something on the pot-bellied stove…it always smelled so good.”

Field trips: “Miss Ethel Diehl would take us across the field to pick bluebells in the field where Grove manufacturing now stands… About once a year we would take a field trip. There used to be a woods back of where Grove is…we would get leaves and dry them on the windowsill.”

Holidays: “School always started on Labor Day. At Christmas we had that day off. New Year’s Day we had to go to school. It made me mad because mother always made a big New Year’s dinner and we had to go to school and miss it.”