Crowds gather for 2010 Old Home Week photo

Jeff Cordell points out where to stand to family and friends as photographer Jim Ivey prepares to take a panoramic photograph of Old Home Week participants on the Square Wednesday morning.

In the future, folks who gaze at the 2010 Old Home Week photo that will be posted in the OHW headquarters somewhere in town will be staring at the faces, trying to pick out themselves, friends and family, remembering the week's events.  They might remember that it was taken on a hot summer morning, August 4, 2010, but what they'll really remember is all the fun they had.

The official OHW photo, which is taken on the town Square during every Old Home Week,  was taken shortly  after people began assembling at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Temperatures around 100 degrees turned the square into a giant griddle, but few complained, because the official photo is a social event all its own, bringing family groups together with neighbors for what is just about the biggest family photo around.

Frank Klink, who organized the photo event,  said he believes more than 1,000 people were there for the picture. “A lot of old timers thought it was the biggest crowd ever,” he added.

Central Photo Company, Inc., of Washington DC sent photographer Jim Ivey to take the picture. Standing on a stepladder in the center of the square, Ivey used a panoramic cameral that swept steadily over the crowd from right to left.

Participants were told to stay within  barrier chalk lines drawn on the pavement so they would be included in the photo. As usual, some fleet-footed participants stood on one side of the area and waited until the camera panned across them, then raced to the other side so they would appear twice in the same photo.  

Klink, who has organized the photo event for the last three Old Home Weeks, said he didn't mind handling the sometimes mind-boggling logistics. “It's fun and a good way to stay plugged into the community,” he said.

In a perfect follow-up to the sizzling heat on the square, the Greencastle Presbyterian church held an ice-cream social immediately following the photo event. As soon as the photo shoot was over, a steady stream of grateful participants headed for the church lawn to enjoy vanilla ice cream and homemade cookies.

Official OHW photos cost $25. Contact the OHW organization at for information.

Young and not so young alike posed and then took off running in hopes of getting captured by the camera on the other side as well.