Christophel becomes first woman to lead Triennial

Officers for the 38th Triennial Old Home Week celebration to be held Aug. 3 to 10, 2013 are, from left, Ed Wine (secretary), Carol Crhistophel (president) and Andrew Everetts (treasurer).

An historical move by the Old Home Week Board of Directors three years ago became official Friday morning. The triennial will for the first time be led by a woman in 2013 for its 38th edition.

Carol Christophel, an OHW volunteer for nearly 25 years and officer for 10 years, was named president for the 38th Triennial to be held Aug. 3 to 10, 2013. Christophel will follow a long line of men who have been at the helm of the celebration that originated at the Old Boys’ Reunion in 1902.

Is the celebration ready for an “Old” Girl to be the presiden?

“Yes, I think so,” reacted Christophel, who served as secretary since 2007 and was treasurer for two celebrations prior to that. “They (the men) are very supportive. I’m grateful for their confidence in me.

“I feel excellent. I’m ecstatic. I’m overwhelmed. It’s unbelievable.”

Also at the meeting, treasurer Ed Wine was named secretary for the 38th and Andrew Everetts was named treasurer by the board. Named to fill two vacancies on the Board of Directors were Ben Thomas Jr. and Wayne Warren. Directors now designated as emeritus are Marvin Miller, Fred Oaks and Tom Fox. Frank Ervin will succeed Frank Mowen as chairman of the board and Greg Hoover is the new vice chairman.


It has been the practice of the board of directors to move the officers up with each triennial, however Christophel resisted the accession until 2007. When Christophel was moved into the secretary position three years ago, she was the heir apparent to the presidency.

“The directors nominated me, and you can’t turn the directors down,” she related. “They asked me before and I didn’t want to accept because I liked doing my treasurer job. They kept asking me and I said not yet.

“They nominated me last Old Home Week and it’s an honor and a privilege. You can’t turn those men down after you’ve worked with them all those years. And I thought it would be good for a woman to do it.”

Christophel believes women can bring a fresh turn to the celebration, however she’s firm that tradition is a mainstay.

“I think it will bring a lot more women out. They have good ideas. It will make more women want to join in, help and contribute to the Old Home Week Association,” she said.

“We can do different things, but also have to keep the traditions. You have to keep the traditions going and keep the commercialization out of it.”

The new president credits Bob Fitz, who nominated her to the treasurer vacancy in 2000 and Jim Oliver, who asked her to help in 1986, to her history with Old Home Week. She’s been the right hand “woman” for each president since.

“Those two men were instrumental in getting me where I’m at today.”

Also at the meeting, Thomas praised the ongoing celebration. “I can’t thank everyone enough,” he said. “I thank the many committees and many volunteers that make this community and America so wonderful.

“Thank you and thank God for how he’s blessed this community.”