OHW Committee welcomes ideas


At the helm of the Suggestion Box committee for the second time, Sara Hollinshead wants the public to know all ideas submitted by the public are welcomed by the Old Home Week committee at large. She estimated 60 comments are turned in each year, which help the planners improve activities for future OHW festivities, and also encourage them in what they are doing right.

"I've been real pleased with the response," she said.

The suggestions matter. Two events were added to the calendar in 2010, based on comments from 2007. The three-on-three basketball tournament and the Antrim Township bicycle tour became realities after someone put forth the ideas.

She will be putting the boxes around town on Friday, July 30 and picking them up Monday, Aug. 16. That should give everyone plenty of time to determine if they know a way to change OHW for the better. She will present the comments to the OHW committee, though the names of the people they came from will remain confidential. Still, Hollinshead requires the suggestions to be signed.

"It gives validity to the comments," she said. "They will think harder when they have to put their names on it."

The boxes will be placed at the Old Home Week Headquarters on Center Square, Antrim House Restaurant, Allison-Antrim Museum Inc., Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library, Carl’s Drug Store and Echo Pilot.

The OHW committee will meet for the last time at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 30 at Besore.