Teens become manual laborers for a week

Jason Yoder, 15, Greencastle, Bailee Vink, 13, Chambersburg, and Brianna Long, 13, Waynesboro, adjust a ladder before heading to the second floor to paint a porch.

Two homes in Greencastle were spruced up last week thanks to a bunch of Franklin County teenagers. The Chambersburg Project once again brought crews to town to help low income families or people with physical limitations complete renovations to their homes.

Jackie Dixon, 214 W. Franklin St., was one recipient of the good will. The teens, led by Craig ‘Shooby’ Schuler, youth pastor at Otterbein Church in Waynesboro, painted her front porch, rear balcony porch and window trim, and reshingled a shed.

“It’s a very good thing,” said Dixon. “I’m retired and it’s a great help.”

She had contemplated getting new siding and paint, “but my pocketbook didn’t allow that.”

Her brother alerted her to the Chambersburg Project, which she did not know existed.

Around the corner, the house at 118 S. Jefferson St. got a new porch roof, and other maintenance and yard work completed by a second crew.

This year 180 youth comprised 30 teams, and 100 adults served as support staff. They were based at Chambersburg Area Middle School, sleeping overnight, eating meals and enjoying shows by guest entertainers, including the band Skyhawk Drive from Greencastle.

The teens came from a number of churches to participate in the non-denominational annual event. This year they gathered from July 11 to 16.

“Generally, we didn’t know each other before we came,” said Schuler. “Crews were assembled to meet new people.”

Franklin County teens became friends as they worked together on home maintenance projects. From left are: Nikita Gearhart, 15, Greencastle; Amy Garling, 15, Shippensburg; Bryce Barnes, 14, Shippensburg; and Alley Bubak, 14, Chambersburg.