Seniors should take precautions in heat

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
The temperature recorded at Carl's Drug Store on Wednesday July 7, was a little higher than that of weather observer Robert Wertime, who logged 100 degrees in his books. Wertime attributed the difference to a heat island created when a thermometer is near paved surfaces such as concrete, macadam or brick. The manmade materials absorb and retain heat. The effect on a broader scale means that large cities tend to be warmer than rural areas, though they are exposed to the same weather conditions.

Health risks among seniors rise with the temperature — these hot days are especially hard for the elderly. The Franklin County Area Agency on Aging offers these tips for staying cool:

1. If you have elderly neighbors, friends or family — check-in with them.  Take a moment to help the seniors in your life by calling or stopping by to see if they need help staying cool.

2. If you need to get away from the heat for awhile — take a trip to the mall, go to the grocery store, stop by the library:  visit public places with air-conditioning during the hottest times of the day or when you need a break from the heat.

3. If you are 60 or over — visit one of Franklin County's Senior Activity Centers.  There seniors can not only cool off, but also enjoy the company of friends and neighbors as well as enjoy some fun activities.  Most local Senior Centers are staying open until 7 p.m. Tuesday July 6, Wednesday July 7, Thursday July 8 and other summer days when a heat advisory is issued by the National Weather Service.  Participating Senior Centers are located in Chambersburg, Fort Loudon, Greencastle, Mercersburg, Mont Alto, Path Valley and Upper Strasburg.

For more information, or to report a senior at risk, call the Aging Office at 717-263-2153 or toll-free at 800-642-6990.