Residents encouraged to clean up the town


Greencastle will have its first general clean up, courtesy of the borough's Beautification Committee, on June 25 and 26. One of the organizers, Lori Facchina, is optimistic that people will clear the litter from their yards and the streets and alleys bordering them.

"We are encouraging borough residents to place the litter in a garbage bag, tie it, and put it on the curb," she said. "Committee members and service groups will be along to pick them up shortly after 5 p.m. both days and then dispose of the bags."

Waste Management is donating a bin, to be placed on Mifflin Lane, for the volunteers to deposit the trash.

The committee is looking at ways to spruce up the town.

"There's been a litter problem," Facchina said. "We want to clean up for Old Home Week and perhaps also do this every year."

She noted that some areas of Greencastle are very clean, but others are marred with paper, glass and plastic simply tossed on the ground.

Facchina emphasized that the effort is only for litter. The helpers and Waste Management are not equipped to handle large items for this event. The big pieces should have been taken care of during the bulky trash drop off days in early May.