Old Home Week program deadline approaches

Frank Ervin is anxious to get submissions for the Official Program for the coming Old Home Week celebration.

Old Home Week may be three months away, but that doesn't mean deadlines aren't looming. A major one is. Anyone who wants an event listed in the Official Program has until June 1 to submit the information to Program Committee chairman Frank Ervin. After that, "It ain't in."

The program is handed out to everyone who purchases the OHW badge, which grants admission to all events during the 37th Triennial Celebration, scheduled for July 31 to Aug. 8.

The booklet is essentially the 'must have' manual for the week, with a listing of every OHW-sanctioned activity. The week is so full of things to do, places to go, sights to see, that the booklet just might be tattered by the hour of the unofficial closing.

Ervin has copies of the form to be filled out at his business, Carl's Drug Store, 145 N. Antrim Way. He needs to know the name and date of the event, the time and duration, if applicable, a description of the event, the name of the chairperson and committee members, and any other useful details. The person completing the form should include his name, phone number and email address in case of follow-up questions. An email submission of the information is also acceptable, at

He may be contacted at 597-2426 or 597-7985, but clarifies, 'I prefer everything in writing."

He especially reminds churches hosting special services, speakers or activities to send in their data. All high school classes holding reunions should also fill out the form.

Anyone who is a committee chairman for traditional OHW events knows the deadline, but they are also reminded to get their information turned over.

Ervin believes he has half of the necessary material in hand already, and is waiting patiently for the rest. He has plenty of experience with people waiting until the last minute. He first took charge of the program in 1989 when he was OHW secretary. "I just never gave it up, or it was never taken away from me," he said of the duty.

Today he is also on the board of directors.