Auditors set payscale for roadmaster Baer


Because a supervisor is once again an employee of the township, Antrim Township auditors met March 4 to set his wages. Rick Baer, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, was appointed interim roadmaster/maintenance superintendent on Feb. 23. He replaced Paul Minnich, who resigned Feb. 15.

Auditors Brian Kirkpatrick, William Needy and Mack Neikirk quickly established the hourly rate of pay at $20.50, the same fee Baer collects as second call snow plow operator. The interim position is parttime.

In response to questions, Antrim administrator Brad Graham said he had not yet advertised the post, and no discussion had taken place on whether Baer was interested in fulltime employment. Graham hoped to fill the position within a month, but the supervisors were considering changing the job description. Internally, he said, no one wanted the job now, but if new parameters were established, there could be some interest.

Minnich's pay was $21.50 per hour. He served in that capacity for 17 months.