ATMA finalizes water plant plans


The upgrade to the Antrim Township water plant could get started in April. Construction administration services were approved Feb. 22 by the Antrim Township Municipal Authority.

Brinjac Engineering had submitted a proposal for overseeing the project, with $25,000 the basic fee, and an additional $6,120 for onsite visits. The expenditure would be reimbursable through the Infrastructure Development Grant already awarded.

Township administrator Brad Graham supported the second fee. “Where we’re at staffing-wise, we’re desiring Brinjac to be present. We can’t handle it.”

He added that water plant operator Roger Nowell would stop in daily for his normal duties.

Board members Bob Coladonato, Elwood Myers, Chad Murray, Rodney Eberly and Bob Schemmerling unanimously approved the contract.

ATMA denied two sewer waiver requests. Eugene Strite had asked for one for El Dorado Stone, which has a vacant building; and Artery Rolling Hills LLP asked for one, plus a refund for payments made, for an empty mobile home at 10018 Lindale Ave. Both were given the option to cap the sewer line.

David Minnich was granted a six-month waiver for a house destroyed by fire at 13462 Worleytown Road.

Linus Fenicle was present for the first time in his role as solicitor. He was appointed in January to replace Shawn Meyers, who resigned to become a judge in Franklin County. Fenicle works for Reager and Adler, Camp Hill.

The board met in executive session for real estate issues.