Greencastle to put out the welcome mat

This design by Wertner Signs was approved for signs that will be placed along the borders of Greencastle.

Greencastle will soon be rolling out the welcome mat.

The Greencastle Beautification Committee brought a plan to the borough council Monday to place signs at the entrance to Greencastle from each of the four directions.

“We’re very excited about getting the signs up,” said committee chair Marissa Pinto-Burt.

The council approved a design for the signs done by Andy Barbuzanes of Wertner Signs, Greencastle.

The sign will say “Welcome to Greencastle....A Great Historic Community.....Founded in 1782.” A plank across the bottom will include the borough’s Web site.

“It will present a nice appearance for the town to have,” said Barbuzanes, who noted that the signs will be of a durable surface and can be cleaned.

Pinto-Burt said a number of locations were considered. The committee settled on the point at U.S. 11 and Washington Street to the south; near the Cedar Hill Cemetery to the west; near Interstate 81 to the west; and near Hicks to the north.

The cost of the signs, which has been budgeted by the borough, will be $1,800 each and will include installation.

A timeline for the installation has not been presented. The borough will be working with land owners in order to get permission to place the signs.