EIT committee gets started


The first meeting of the Franklin County Tax Collection Committee met Oct. 29, as required under a new law, and already, questions have arisen about the efficacy of the organization.

Under Act 32, the way in which local income tax is collected in Pennsylvania was reformed. Instead of 2,400 municipalities and 465 school districts handling the tax separately, the duties are now combined into one district per county. The law passed in July 2008 and a timeline requires a county-wide committee to work out the operational details by next September. The first step was to convene a committee comprised of delegates and alternates from each taxing body.

That took place in Chambersburg, with Mark Singer and Michele Emmett attending for the Borough of Greencastle, William Needy and Mary Klein for Antrim Township, and Arnie Jansen, Eric Holtzman and Richard Lipella for the Greencastle-Antrim School District.

Each group has reported back on the proceedings of that meeting. Singer and Emmett said it appeared the candidates for leadership positions had been selected ahead of time. There was one nominee for each seat, and those elected were Dave Jamison, Greene Township supervisor, chairman; Caroline Dean, Waynesboro Area School District business manager, vice chairwoman; and Anna Swailes, Metal Township supervisor, secretary.

Future meeting dates were set for the fourth Thursday of each month at 9 a.m., which Singer and Emmett found difficult to attend because of their employment.

Jamison recommended the Chambersburg Tax Bureau become the EIT tax collector instead of putting out a request for proposal.  Jansen and Needy reported this idea met little support and some people felt there was a conflict of interest because Jamison was chairman of that tax bureau.

Both Jansen and Needy were appointed to the bylaws committee. It will present a draft of bylaws at the Jan. 28 meeting, to be held in the Franklin County Administration Annex. The meeting is open to the public. The bylaws must be approved by April 15.