Funds still accepted for Rony’s bulletproof vest

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The fund drive for a bulletproof vest for Rony, Greencastle’s K-9 police officer, is still collecting donations. The cost for one vest is $1,000. The drive was started by Peggy McQuitty, a local resident who seeks protection for the dog when he is used in dangerous situations.

Police Chief John Phillippy supports the cause. “Like any officer, we don’t go to work without our bulletproof vests. Rony is there to take our place in harm’s way. The community has a sizable investment in him. This is a precaution, a way to make him safer.”

He said Rony would not wear the vest routinely, especially in warm weather. However, on a case by case basis, handler Keith Russell would put one on him.

“If they are investigating a burglary or searching for an armed person, Rony would wear the vest,” said Phillippy. “He will never be sent on a suicide mission, but I would trade a dog for an officer’s life any time.”

People wishing to contribute may send donations to:  Rony Vest Fund, Orrstown Bank, 308 Carolle St., Greencastle PA 17225.