KHOV and Meyers settle


All parties have agreed to drop legal action against each other in a Mutual Release and Settlement Agreement reached this month. Dating back to 2005,  Alan and Kendra Meyers, K. Hovnanian Homes of Pennsylvania and Antrim Township have been involved in a dispute over the development of lots in  Red Oak Estates. K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland and Lexon Insurance Co. were also brought into the mix.

The Meyers' signed off on the terms of the agreement Sept. 2, and the Board of Supervisors approved and authorized chairman Curtis Myers to sign it Sept. 8. The Meyers' attorney, James Stein, expected KHOV to sign the document soon.

In August 2005, the Meyers agreed to sell KHOV PA 85 lots after the couple submitted a subdivision plan to Antrim. The township required a completion bond for infrastructure improvements, which KHOV MD then submitted through Lexon. KHOV PA purchased an initial 42 lots and then on Dec. 5, 2006 terminated the lot purchase agreement.

KHOV filed suit to get the bond returned, the Meyers countersued for damages and Antrim filed a counterclaim against KHOV.

"KHOV stopped developing for economic reasons," explained James Stein, attorney for the Greencastle couple. "In my opinion, the Meyers were put in a difficult situation. In the end all three parties worked pretty effectively to reach a settlement that made everyone happy."

KHOV did finish its infrastructure obligations for the lots it owned, according to Antrim zoning officer Sylvia House. Stein said the remaining lots would remain undeveloped until the Meyers sold or developed them. The duo received a financial settlement from KHOV as well, but he could not comment on that separate agreement.

Stein was pleased with the outcome for everyone involved. "No one admitted liability. This was a way to end it and move forward."