Released Time Bible program has fall startup

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
An adult volunteer called a “listener” helps this Released Time student memorize and comprehend scripture verses. The Released Time Bible Program is now enrolling. Contact Joy El for details at 717-369-4539.

Schools are now filled with children and the learning process is up and running. With the start of school also comes the start of the Released Time Bible Program for public school students.

Released Time is a legal program that allows children to leave their public school classroom with parental permission for one hour each week to receive biblical instruction.

In south central Pennsylvania, Joy El Generation’s Released Time Bible Program (or RT) provides public school children with moral and character development by teaching biblical principles. Children who sign up for the program are transported by volunteers to an off-campus facility, usually a church.

In a large group setting, they sing Bible songs, hear Bible stories, and sometimes play games that enhance the learning of scripture. In a small group setting, students meet with an adult volunteer called a “listener” who helps them to memorize scripture verses, comprehend the lessons, and make life application of what they’ve learned.

The Released Time program has proven benefits for students:

· Scripture memorization work sharpens mental skills that translate to other school work.

· Work done in comprehending verses improves cognitive reasoning—an important learning skills.

· The influence of caring adult volunteers reinforces positive character traits.

 Released Time complements a student’s education in ways that round out children as individuals.

Adult volunteers are needed to serve as school coordinators, teachers, listeners, secretaries, bus drivers, song leaders and a number of other roles. Joy El welcomes parents of participating students to volunteer as well. Those adults interested in volunteering can contact Joy El’s offices at 717-369-4539.

Because Released Time operates along with the school calendar, classes are now enrolling. If students wish to join after classes begin, they are welcome to enroll at anytime throughout the school year. Parents who wish to enroll their children (third – eighth grades) in Released Time or who want more information about the program should contact Joy El at 717-369-4539 or email