Greencastle pastor carries cross in remembrance

Stacey Crawford and Lanny Carbaugh journeyed through Greencastle on Friday, bringing an Easter message. Crawford, pastor of Greencastle First United Methodist Church, read from the Bible and prayed at various points across town during a three-hour walk.

A local pastor brought the religious reason that is Easter to life on March 29. Stacey Crawford, Greencastle First United Methodist Church, walked through town carrying a cross for three hours on Good Friday. He replicated the hours historically accepted as when "darkness covered the land" during Jesus' crucifixion. In the Christian faith, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, and the observance is known as Easter.

"I got up one morning and felt like this was something I should do," said Crawford.

He referenced the influence of atheists on the community, which resulted in the Greencastle-Antrim School District dropping school board-led prayer in 2012, as well as a general lackadaisical attitude toward sin by many people.

"They have forgotten about sin and redemption and Jesus and Easter and spring and new life. This is a good witness. Even if it just reminds those who pass by, I hope they would be thankful for what Jesus did."

Crawford started out from the church on North Washington Street, and went to the school campus first. There he was met by a parishioner, and he expected others to seek him out during the walk. Beyond telling the congregation his plan, he did not notify the public about the activity. He made multiple stops in town, stood the cross on its base, read Scripture and prayed for anyone involved with that particular site.

Crawford did not know how heavy the beamed cross was, but said if he became tired, it would be a small fatigue compared to what Jesus felt before his death.