Luncheon to offer pampering, inspiration, to mothers of children with autism

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Motherhood is a journey of laughter, frustrations, tears and love that is experienced uniquely by different women. Mothering is never a one-size-fits-all formula, especially when you have a child with autism.

Summit Health will help sponsor a free “Mother-to-Mother Luncheon” from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday, April 23, for mothers of children on the autism spectrum. The luncheon will be held at Chambersburg First Church of God, 2230 Grand Point Road. This is the first time the luncheon has been held locally.

“We're happy to help support this luncheon,” said Elyse Fisler of Summit Health, who has a son with autism. “I had a kid who melted down every two minutes and who couldn't talk to me. What I have found is that autism is a gift. The wrapping isn't always so nice, but there is a gift you just have to work a little bit to find.”

Fisler started the luncheon in 2007 to honor and empower mothers who have children with autism.

This year's luncheon will feature popular author Emily Colson, who will share lessons from her journey through life with 25-year-old son, Max, who has autism. While there were great challenges experienced by Emily as she raised a child with autism, the stories she has to share are filled with joy.

“Every child is different, and every family, unique,” explained Colson. “The impact of autism is universal, affecting everything from faith, family, friends and finances right down to the tiniest details of everyday life. It can be overwhelming.”

All mothers who attend will enjoy a catered lunch, networking with other moms, door prizes and receive a free copy of Colson's book “Dancing with Max.” Limited child care also will be available.

“This event will make you laugh, let you cry and ultimately help us celebrate life,” said Colson.

To register for the free luncheon, visit:

For additional information, call Elyse Fisler at 717-512-7249.